Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 1 06.06.22 - 13.06.22


This week for our focus story is 'Come On Daisy' by Jane Simmons. Can you answer these questions after watching the video below of the story. 


Why must Daisy stay close? Are the dangers real? What is it telling us to do when we go out with our Mummy or Daddy? How do you think Daisy was feeling when she got lost? Have you ever got lost before? How did you feel? 

"Come Along, Daisy!" by Jane Simmons - Read Aloud Time!


Can you sing some number rhymes that count forwards? Can you sing some number rhymes that count backwards. Can you use some toys to re-create your favourite Nursery rhymes? 


Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed | Children Nursery Rhyme | Flickbox Kids Songs

FlickBox presents 5 Little Monkeys, a popular children's rhyme about five naughty monkeys who jump on the bed and get into trouble, for your kid to watch and...

This week we will be teaching One More Than.

Here are a few games you could play. 

Draw a number line 1-10 and afterwards use your child's favourite toy and use the soft toy to count up the number line. Pause at a number and tell your child you've forgotten the name of the number that comes next. See if they can tell you. Ask your child the name of the number that is one more. If their right make the soft toy jump up and down. 

Repeat with different numbers. 


Snack Time Number

 Let your child set up snack for you both. Could cut up the fruit into slices/segments and ask them to count out different pieces for example, Can you give me 3 pieces, and then ask them for one more. How many that will be? Repeat with other amounts.