Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 1 22.02.21-26.02.21

This week the children will be learning about ordering height. We will be looking at the story 'Jaspers Beanstalk' and ordering beanstalks/objects and  focusing on language - how tall, how long, how many, tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest, long, longer, longest, big, bigger, biggest, small, smaller and smallest. 

There is lots of ways to measure. Find different objects around the home you could measure with. For example toys, leaves, cars etc. In nursery the children play with tape measures, we let them explore and experience them, if you have any at home, let them explore also with rulers and see how long things are, or use a spoon as a measuring device. Go around measuring things within your home to see if they are the same size, longer or shorter than the spoon. Why not have a go at some of these activities below.  


Activity 1

Jaspers beanstalk grew taller and taller. We expect you have grown taller since we last saw you. Who is the tallest in your family? Help your child draw a picture of the members of your family in height order. Talk about the tallest/shortest people. Is anyone taller shorter than you? Is anyone taller than Mum? etc. Can you send us your picture or even a photograph showing who is the tallest shortest? 


Activity 2

Create your own beanstalks of varying height, using things from around your house e.g. old boxes of different shapes and sizes, bottles etc. Ask your child to order them in size from shortest to tallest or make a paper chain, talking about how it is getting longer when you add more links. Afterwards measure it and support your child to count the links, you could make it into a beanstalk. 


Activity 3

Beanstalk height ordering 

  • Cut the beanstalk out, stick them down in height order with the shortest one first. 
  • Measure the height of your beanstalk with a ruler or tape measure or even blocks. 
  • See if you can read any of the numbers as you measure.
  • How tall are you?
  • Have a go at measuring plants and flowers to see how tall they are.


Activity 4

Watch the 'Tallest Monster' and help Grover find out which monster is the the tallest and who is the shortest.

Sesame Street: Grover Finds the Tallest Monster

Where did the tallest monster go? Have you seen him? He was just here with Grover and now he's disappeared under one of these hats. Can you remember which ha...

Activity 5

Who has the biggest feet and hands in your house? 

Get your child to draw around their shoe or foot and use different objects to measure how long it is. Afterwards let them do the same for other family members and compare the different sizes from the smallest to the biggest. 

Now ask your child to draw around their hands and other family members. Who has the largest hands? How many fingers do you have? Are your hands bigger or smaller than your feet? 

Why not cut out the paper hands and feet below and use them for measuring objects within your home. 


Activity 6

Why not cut out the paper beans and play a game. Roll a dice and count out the right amount of beans. 


Hope you have fun taking part in all the exciting activities and we are looking forward to receiving your work and photographs.