Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 1

Move it MONDAY - Clap Hands! Stamp Feet!

Fun for all to enjoy, this fabulous action song provides plenty of scope to explore the various faces of human emotion, while giving your body a good Move-it Monday workout!

Together On TUESDAY - A Little Bit Of Kindness

This is an infuriatingly catchy song with a slight Latin lilt and an incredibly valuable message: 'what a difference we can make when we brighten someone's day'.

Well-being WEDNESDAY - Eat Your Greens!

This hilarious concoction of healthy fruit and veg, mixed with not-so-healthy food, is quite a tongue-twister! It’s a challenge to sing, but guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

Thinking THURSDAY - The Planets

'The planets orbit the sun, you see I can name every one!' and you really can with this very catchy song that'll have you naming the planets in the correct order in no time at all!

Fun On FRIDAY - Spring Chicken

This is an Out of the Ark classic! Young children will have a ball as, one by one, four little chicks hatch out in time for the cheeky, bouncy chorus.

Family SATURDAY - A Song You'll Love To Know

We’re certainly confident on the title! It’s a toe-tappin’ song written in a Cajun style. The verses feature a question/answer (girl/boy or kids/parents) structure and the quirky chorus was intentionally written to give the opportunity for working on diction! Verse and chorus are sung over each other at the end. Very satisfying.