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Week 2 - 10.01.22-14..01.22

Happy New Year Everyone!


This half term our topic in nursery is 'Under The Sea/Habitats'. The book we will be looking at over the next two weeks is called 'Blue Penguin' by Petr Horacek. 


After listening to the video below with your child, ask them some questions about the story. Here are a few questions you could ask your child. 


  • Is Blue Penguin really a penguin? 
  • Is Blue Penguin the same as the other penguins? 
  • Why do you think the other penguins asked if Blue Penguin was a real penguin?
  • Did they make Blue Penguin feel happy? How could they have made him feel happy?
  • How is he different?
  • Is it ok to be different? Why? 
  • How is he the same as the other penguins?
  • What makes you the same as your family or friends? 
  • Have you ever felt left out like the Blue Penguin? How did it make you feel? 
  • In his dreams what animal came to see him? 
  • Why did the little penguin approach the Blue Penguin? 
  • Why did the Blue Penguin decide to stay with the other penguins? 
  • Look at where the story is set. What is the weather like? 
  • Do you know where in the world this could be? Would you like to be there?
  • Have you seen Emperor penguins before? Do you know where they live? 


If you have a map or a globe at home, why not use this to find Antarctica with your child and talk about where it is in relation to where you are, and what it is like there.


Mark Making Ideas:

Mark-making doesn't just have to be with brushes and pens!

Don't just use normal paint brushes and acrylic paints to mark marks. You can use a huge array of materials including:

  • Your hands
  • Feathers, leaves, sticks - anything you can find outside.
  • String
  • Cotton Wool
  • Spoons, forks, spatulas or whisks
  • Toothbrushes


  • Practice writing your name using the correct letter formation. You could trace over your name card that you were given or see if you can write it all by yourself. 
  • Squirt some shaving foam into a tray and provide different sized paint brushes to make marks in the shaving foam or make marks with sticks or any of the above. What patterns can you make? What sounds can you write? 
  • Make marks outside on the floor using washable chalk.


Mark-making is not about creating the perfect picture that looks like a flower, animals or letters. So don't worry if your child only likes drawing 'scribbles' or certain shapes, this is the beginning of writing and literacy! Each achievement should always be celebrated! 


Blue Penguin

Maths - New Starters

This Spring term, we shall be supporting our mathematical development through focusing on a number of Nursery Rhymes/number stories and learning all about the numbers 1-5. Please find some resources below to support with this and also some fun general maths activities for you to look at with your child.  


Nursery Rhymes:


Five Little Penguins

Five little Snowmen

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive!


One Finger One Thumb

Learn all about 'Numbers with Number Blocks:



@Numberblocks- The Number One | Learn to Count

Phonics: Phase 1 - Environmental Sounds:

Children are introduced to all sorts of sounds, from sounds in the environment to different music styles, different voices and tones. This prepares them for listening out for letter sounds in words. 


Listening walk:

Go on a listening walk outside and make a point of listening to different sounds: cars revving, people talking, birds singing, dogs barking, trees whistling in the wind, roaring engine of a jet plane flying above. When you get home, try to remember all the sounds you heard. You could try taping the sounds, to listen to them again, or try reproducing them yourselves, using your voices or instruments.

Make sounds, using a range of props, such as running a stick along a fence or tapping on the bin lid.


Phase 2 Phonics:

Alongside learning the sounds below in phase 2 children are taught some tricky words. The words are: I, no, go, to, is the. Watch the video below and join in. Have fun!


Tricky Words Sight Words Song for I, go, to, no, is, the

This is a phonics song for each letter. This will support your child to learn the sounds of the letters in the English alphabet. 

Tricky Words Sight Words Song for I, go, to, no, is, the

SATPIN Words | Phonics Blending

Blending practice using only s, a t, p, i & n. These are the first sounds children learn when learning Phonics. 

SATPIN Words | Phonics Blending