Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 2 11.01.21-15.01.21

This weeks learning

Monday 11th-15th January 2021



Classifying and sorting involves finding things that are the same, or alike. Before completing the sorting activity below with your adult, why not sort your toys or other items such as socks, t-shirts etc by their:



Size - big/small, long/short

Number activities you could do at home:

Practice counting from 1-10. Can you count in a squeaky voice like a mouse, a deep voice like a bear or count slowly/quickly. Can you count 6 jumps, 5 claps, 3 hops etc. 


Make numbers out of modelling clay: try an important date, their age, or your house number. From there, you can start drawing numbers together for fun activities. Why not bring some chalk outside and draw up a hopscotch grid. 


Why not play a game of skittles! Using empty pop bottles, label them from 1-10.  Ask your child what numbers they have knocked over?


Have a look around your home and see what numbers you can find. Snap a photo to show us what numbers you have found and send them to