Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 2 19.04.21-23.04.21

Maths activities linked to the story 'Supertato'.

Activity 1

Make some number flashcards 1-10 and have a bag of potatoes. Show your child different numerals and ask them to count out that amount. Ask different questions - What is this number? Is this number bigger or smaller than...?  How many potatoes do we need? What number do you need to stop counting at? Which group of potatoes has more? less/fewer? 


Listen to the song - One potato, two potato, three potato four and join in together. Click on the video below. 


One Potato

Activity 2

Play Hide the Evil Pea with your grown up. You will need a Evil Pea (could make one using a boiled egg or polystyrene ball). Ask you adult to read out the instructions below, now it is your turn to follow the instructions and hide the Evil Pea, but be aware I might be a little bit sneaky, Arggghh!!!


  • Ha, ha you can't catch me, hide me under the table!
  • Ha, ha you can't catch me, hide me on top of a chair!
  • Ha, ha you can't catch me, hide me behind the sofa!
  • Ha, ha you can't catch me, hide me inside the fridge!


Evil Pea challenge!

Can you create your own hiding places for the Evil Pea to escape capture? Tell a grown up where he is hiding using the correct mathematical language under, beside on, above, below, behind, next to, in front of. We would love to see your hiding places so why not send us a photograph or draw us a picture.