Reevy Hill Primary School

Interactive bar


Week 2 19.04.21-23.04.21


Talk about the story and ask your child some questions about the story.

  • Where was carrot when he needed saving?
  • Where did supertato find Evil pea? 
  • Who had escaped from the freezer?
  • How did supertato catch Evil pea?
  • What did they use to lock the freezer?
  • Why was the lolly melting?
  • How did supertato call for help? 
  • Can you retell the story? 
  • Have you been to a supermarket?
  • What was it like there?
  • Did you see any food being naughty?
  • What was it doing?
  • What kind of sneaky things might they do? 
  • What other types of food might be naughty? 


Draw and label a picture of the Evil pea or supertato. 

Can you make a picture by printing with fruit and vegtables?

Freeze some small items inside the holes in an ice cube tray and then watch them melt outside. Add food colouring for added excitement!

 Stack some tin cans to make a tower like the one in the story – how high can you make yours?