Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 2

Move it MONDAY - The Easter Egg Trail

This song cries out for some hopping, jumping and tail wiggling to get your week started and all your Easter activities underway.

Together on Tuesday - Do You Like My Easter Bonnet?

A fun song for younger children – sing about the different colours and decorations found on Easter bonnets and enjoy parading your bonnet with pride!

Wellbeing Wednesday - Water, Food, Rest and Exercise

A very catchy, simple song looking at the critical ingredients for physical and emotional growth. Easy to remember with lots to explore.

Thinking Thursday - The Seed Song

A really useful song to focus on the process of planting, growing and patiently waiting – lessons for life and not just the garden!

Good Friday - Three Days That Changed The World

A great fun, upbeat song telling us of the good news of Easter, with a modern twist.

Easter Saturday - The Chocolate Song

Last week we asked you what your favourite Out of the Ark Music songs to sing at school were, and this was one of them! Shout 'Yee ha' for chocolate with this country-inspired song.

Easter Sunday - Celebrate

A bright, bouncy and energetic song of joy, giving opportunities to jump, dance and wave your hands in the air to celebrate the good news of Easter.