Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 3 - 08.03.21-12.03.21


With your child sing some rhymes together (enclosed some rhymes below). As you sing each rhyme, draw your child’s attention to the words that rhyme. For example, if you choose to sing Humpty Dumpty, talk about how the word wall rhymes with the word fall. 


Follow the leader

Play follow the leader with your family. One person must choose a type of body percussion (for example: clapping hands, tapping feet, clicking tongue, clicking fingers). Everyone must copy the leader and then take turns to be the leader!


Go on a sound walk

Go on a sound walk and take some time to listen to the different sounds around you. Some sounds may be loud but some may be quiet so encourage them to use their listening ears very carefully. 

Look around your home and identify the  sounds around your house such as the washing machine, dripping taps etc.