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Week 3 - 08.03.21-12.03.21

This week in Nursery we will be learning about positional language (in, on top, under, between, and next to) through lots of exciting games which will help develop our language. Picture books can play a vital role in supporting children with positional language such as "Where's Spot?" by Eric Hill or "Rosie's Walk" by Pat Hutchins. Here are some activities you could do at home.


Hide and seek

Count slowly to 10 while your child hides, inside or out. When you start looking, talk aloud about where your child might be such as, "I wonder if Anna is behind the tree, Maybe she is near the litter bin. 


Where's Teddy

Have a empty box and a small soft toy. Model placing the teddy in the box  emphasizing the word 'in'. Then place the soft toy under the box, emphasizing the word 'under'. Repeat using positional language between, on top and next to. Then swap roles. 

Where's the Monkey?

A song to help children learn prepositions of place.

Counting Rhymes

Counting rhymes for nursery children is one of their favourite parts of the day in our Nursery and supports them with learning their numbers. Why not sing along at home together some of the nursery rhymes below and make or collect props and use them to act out the songs. You can also find the songs on YouTube!



Nursery - Home Learning Counting Song

Five little monkeys.

Number recognition game

You could write out the numerals 1 -10 on separate pieces of card or paper and play a quick recognition game.  Hide and shuffle the cards behind your back, show a card, your child has to show the corresponding number of fingers on their hands.


Could also get your child to order the numeral cards and talk with them about ordering, which number comes next, which number is before, which number is in between, which number is the biggest and which is the smallest - how do they know this? To develop their vocabulary and understanding.