Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 3 15.11.21-19.11.21

Getting to know the Animals with ZooLab!

Last week nursery had a visit from ZooLab. It was so interesting for the children and the teachers to learn from the expert 'Anya' about the different animals and where they live. 

We got to see and touch: a snail, a tortoise, a tarantula, a lizard and a snake. It was quite scary for some however exciting for others. If you missed out on the zooLab why not watch the video below. 

Meet the Animals! ZooLab Highlights | Children's Virtual Activity | Wild World Heroes

Love animals? Missed out on our virtual ZooLab sessions? Take a look at our highlight reel of the best bits from over the summer! Meet the rangers' animals u...

After watching the video why not tell your adult which animal was your favourite and why? Talk together about the animals you saw and the noises they made. Why not draw your favourite animal, thinking about the colours you may use and the size of the animal. Don't forget to try and write your name on your drawing. We look forward to seeing your fantastic art work!


We are still exploring 2D and 3D shapes and will be discussing the mathematical terms to describe different types of shapes and how 'flat' shapes are referred to as being 2D and 'Solid' shapes are referred to as 3D. Here are some activities you can do at home around shapes;

  • Go outside and gather some twigs and branches and use these to construct larger 2D and 3d shapes and joined them together using masking tape, or string. 
  • Show them some cut out shapes, name them together and tak about how many corners/vertices they have (these are the pointy bits) or how many straight sides/edges they have. Go on a shape hunt around the home and see what shapes you can find together. 
  • Collect items from around the home, then sort them by their shape. 
  • Go outside and draw some shapes with your child using chalk. You could draw a shape maze for your child to drive around or play a game to see who can hop on the different shapes first. 

Why not watch the videos below on different activities based on shapes. Have fun earning all about 2D and 3D shapes.  




Environmental sounds - Why not go on a listening walk around the garden or your oca area. Ask you child to listen. Can they hear the birds tweeting? Can they copy that sound. Ask them what else they can hear. Can they hear any vehicles? Do they sound close, or a ong way away. Can they guess what sort of vehicle it might be/ Does it sound like s large vehicle such as a bus or a truck? 


Switch off the TV and listen together. Can you hear any sounds? Which sounds can you hear? Which sounds are the loudest? Follow the sound and work out where it is coming from. Play hide and seek around the home and collect a sound such as an egg timer, or musical toy. Ask your child to close their eyes whilst you hide the item that is making the sound. Challenge your child to find it as soon as possible. 


Collect sounds:

Make a sound with something from your home, such as and egg timer or musical toy. Ask your child to close their eyes whilst you hide the item that is making a sound. Challenge your child to find it as soon as possible.


Go around your home with your child and collect a box of items that make a sound when you move them. This could be a bunch of keys, a jar or rice, a packet of crisps, a squeaky pet toy. Once your child has seen has seen all of the sound makers and had the chance to create the sounds, ask them to make a sound whilst you close your eyes. You have to describe what you can hear and guess which item made the sound. Once your child has understood the game you can change roles.


Our Book this week is called 'Hug' by Jez Alborough. Watch the video below twice. First time just listen to it together and the second time you could ask some questions about the story.

Questions you may want to ask:

Who are the characters in the story?

Who was the monkey searching for?

How do you think the monkey was feeing at the beginning of the story?

Was the monkey feeling the same emotion throughout the story? If not, why was this? 

Can you remember which animal did the monkey meet first?

Which animal did he see hugging before he found his Mummy?

What happened when he found the animal he was searching for?

Hug by Jez Alborough