Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 3 18.01.21-22.01.21

This week's story is ''The Penguin who Wanted to Fly'' written and illustrated by Catherine Vase.


We will be using this story to encourage mark making and learning new skills such as sequencing (arranging pictures in the correct order)  also asking children questions e.g. What happened first in the story, what happened next.  


You can watch the story 'The Penguin who Wanted to Fly' on clicking the video below or go in to the reading file and see myself (Miss Hirst) read the story.


Hope you enjoy! 


The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly by Catherine Vase - Children's Books Read Aloud - Once Upon A Story

In this story Flip Flop the Penguin wished he could fly. Can you draw about something you wish you could do?

Activity 2

After listening to the story can your child cut out the pictures and sequence them in order from beginning, middle and end or you could ask your child to point to the pictures of the story in order.


Activity 3

 Have some fun and act out the story together, pretending to be Flip Flop, or use small world figures or dolls to retell the story or even make up your own story of a little penguin. What happened in your story? What exciting adventures did Flip Flop get up to?