Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 3 18.01.21-22.01.21

This week we will be learning about words that rhyme, which means words that have the same or similar ending sound for example car and bar.

Learn and sing the rhyme 'Hey diddle diddle together. See below for the words to the rhyme.

As you sing the rhyme, draw attention to the words that rhyme.

Why not try finding other rhyming words in these rhyming songs:

  • Hickory dickory dock
  • Ring-a-ring o roses
  • I'm a little teapot

Activity 2

Read one of the rhymes to your child. Read it a couple of times until your child is familiar with it, pause just before you say the rhyming word to see if they can shout it out. Maybe their could find an object that rhymes with something from the rhyme. 


Activity 3

Why not play song swap!

Pick a rhyme that your child knows well and invent new words. This could be adapted to suit your child's interests for example ''Baa baa red dinosaur''

Have fun making up new lyrics. 


Phase 2

This week sounds are 's' and 'a'. Can you point to the pictures that begin with the 's' sound? Can you point to the pictures that begin with the 'a' sound? Have a look around your home and see what objects you can find that begin with either of these two sounds.