Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 3 26.04.21-30.04.21

Our Text this week will be 'The Tiger Who Came For Tea' by Judith Kerr. The children already have heard this story before as it's one of their favourites. 

Here are some ideas and suggestions to link with our new book of the week.

  • Write a shopping list together. Make a list of all the things that you need to buy as a family or all the things that Mum in the story needs to buy that were eaten by the tiger. 
  • Create some invites for a tea/picnic. Invite the family members and don’t forget some toys to encourage the imagination.
  • Listen to and recall/retell the story of the week. How would you react if you were Sophie?
  • Draw or paint the Tiger from the story-what colours would you need? What does the tiger look like?
  • Make some picnic food together for family members and toys to encourage imaginative play. 
  • Encourage your child to use utensils to mix, spread and cut. 
  • What is your favourite dinner? What do you like to eat? Draw a dinner plate and include all the things you like to eat. You could then have a go at labelling your dinner plate too. The whole family could join in!
  • Explore why tigers have stripes? Look at the tiger’s stripes in the story. Find out what camouflage is and how it helps tigers. Can you find out how other animals use camouflage to help them? What other animals have stripes?