Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 3 26.04.21-30.04.21

Mathematical Activities linked to the 'Tiger Who Came For Tea'

  • Bake some shape biscuits for the picnic tea. What shapes have you created? How many sides does the shape have? Corners? How many have you have made altogether? Can you show me that amount on your fingers? Can you try and write that number? 
  • Set the table/rug for the picnic, how many plates, knives, forks, spoons and cups do you need? How many more do we need? How many do you have altogether? 
  • Sequence the story, what happens first, then next, after that.
  • Do the same with your daily routine-breakfast, play, home learning, lunch time, etc.
  • Cut up an apple into 4 slices. If you shared it equally between you and a friend, how many pieces would you each get? Share out 6 biscuits between your 3 favourite toys. How many biscuits does each toy have? Is it fair? A squirrel collects 10 nuts to share between her 2 babies. How many nuts will each baby have? Draw the nuts to check.