Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 3

Easter Monday - Hop, Hop, Hop

An upbeat Easter Bunny song with lots of hopping, jumping and clapping. Perfect for working off all that Easter-egg chocolate!

Together On Tuesday - I Have A Song To Sing

As songs go, they don't come much shorter or simpler than this but, my goodness, it packs a punch! It's a song of unity and coming together, building momentum along the way. Sincere, uplifting and great for remembering that there's hope in our song.

Wellbeing Wednesday - Keeper Of My Heart

A sobering but upbeat and affirmative song that addresses current issues of the harmful things that children may be inappropriately exposed to – I'm making sure I'm taking care of me. Use the resources to help unpack and explore the lyrical content of this song with your children.

Thinking Thursday - Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing and the Lady with the Lamp, is celebrated in this rousing, upbeat song!

Fun On Friday - Just Sing!

Just Sing! is quirky, creative and captures the heart of Out of the Ark Music. Don't you worry if it's heard or not, keep on singing, give it all you've got, just sing!

Family Saturday - It's A Spring Thing

With longer, warmer days and signs of spring everywhere around us, this is the perfect song for celebrating this time of year. Definitely a song to make you smile! It's an all-things beautiful, feeling kinda musical, spring thing!

Faith-filled Sunday - Good To Us

This gospel-inspired song is perfect for a enjoying big, joyful Sunday sing. Challenge yourselves to have a go at the harmonies and see if you can sign the song too.