Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 4 03.05.21-07.05.21

Math's activities linked to the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. 


  • Build a Gingerbread Man's house  together using biscuits, sweets and icing to build your Gingerbread Man a home. Talk about the different shapes, sizes, colours of the biscuits. Discuss what they are going to use the different biscuits for and why, "What biscuit would make a good window?", "Why have you chosen the round, circle biscuit?", "How many biscuits will you need for the roof?", etc.
  • Help your child to weigh the ingredients out for the gingerbread men and compare the amounts of different ingredients used. Do we use more/less flour or more ginger in the recipe?
  • Encourage your child to count how many currants will be needed for the eyes, nose and buttons on each gingerbread man.
  • Draw attention to the many different animals the Gingerbread Man escaped from; make a chart to show the different animals.