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Week 4 25.01.21-29.01.21

This is one of our favourite winter theme stories in Nursery  'The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud' written by Jane Cabrera. It has a gentle winter theme, that also draws on other themes such as friendships and problem solving. 

The book is about a little polar bear whose friend is a snow cloud. The snow cloud feels sorry for the little polar bear and tries to make different snow friends for him to play with. 

Hope you enjoy!

The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud

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After listening to the story discuss with your child what the word 'character' means (it means a person or animal that does things in the story). Ask them who was the main character in the story or how many other characters were in the story. 


Here are some questions you could ask your child to check their understanding of the story:

  • Who is your favourite character in the story? 
  • Why do you think the polar bear wished for a friend? 
  • Can you tell me what happened in the story?
  • What was the first animal the snow cloud made for his friend?  
  • What happened to all the snow animals?
  • What snow friend would you have made?
Why not go out in the snow and make some snow animals, just like the polar bear did (that's if we still have some snow) but if not why not use other natural materials. Things like sticks, stones, leaves etc.