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Week 4 25.01.21-29.01.21

This week it's all about Penguins!

This week we will be carrying on with our learning about Polar regions and finding out about penguins e.g. where they live, what they like to do, the life cycle of a penguin, different penguins features and what they are used for.  

Did you know that penguins have webbed feet to help them balance when standing up? What else do they use their webbed feet for? 

 Can you watch 'I'm a Penguin'' below and find out the following facts as you watch the video?


  • Where do penguins live? 
  • How do penguins move about?
  • What do penguins like to do? 
  • How do they keep their eggs warm?
  • How do penguins keep warm?
  • What is the name of the fat, underneath the penguins skin?  
  • What do penguins like to eat? 
  • Do you know the name of another penguin? 




I'M A PENGUIN! (informational song for kids about penguins)

Activity 1

Can you draw a picture of a penguin and label the penguins body parts and tell your adult something you have learnt about them?

Remember we don't expect the children to be writing clear, recognisable letters. They will make marks such as lines, zigzag, circles and some letters from their name. All these are forms of emergent writing appropriate for Nursery aged children. 


Activity 2

Read the fact sheet to your child and afterwards see if they can cut out the pictures and place them in the right order to show the emperor penguin life cycle from the beginning.  Click on the PDF below.





Can you move like a penguin? Why not watch the video below and have fun learning the penguin dance together. 


Penguin Song. Have fun!

Keep up the FANTASTIC learning and we look forward to receiving any work or photos from you. Please forward them to -