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Week 5 01.02.21-05.02.21

Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara

Our focus story this week in Nursery is ''Here comes Jack Frost''
Have you noticed that Jack Frost has been about, making the snow fall and the puddles freeze?

This week also we will be learning a Winter Poem called 'Jack Frost' by Cecily E. Pike. 

A Winter Poem called Jack Frost by Cecily E. Pike

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Hope you enjoyed listening to the poem 'Jack Frost'. Can you draw a picture of Jack Frost? What do you think he looks like? What colours do you imagine when you think of something cold? You could send us a picture of yourself holding your creation of Jack Frost. We look forward to seeing them.

Here are some words to describe how he might look:

Activity 1

If we are lucky enough to have some more frosty mornings, then wrap up warm and go outside for some frosty mark making. Find patches of ice and frost and make some marks using your fingers, brushes or sticks. 


Activity 2

Have a go at freezing some of your small toys, lentils, sprinkles etc in an ice cube tray or some different size containers. Afterwards can you rescue some of the items trapped in the ice. How will you rescue them? What will work best? Why not explore further and experiment with salt and watch the effect it has on the ice. 


Activity 3

Freeze some ice cubes together with a little paint or food colouring. Using the ice, see what icy pictures and patterns you and your child can create.