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Week 5 01.02.21-05.02.21

This week in Nursery we will be identifying some 2D shapes and looking at their properties. Watch the shape power point below with your child and start to learn about each shape. 

Can you name the shapes from the power point?

How many sides have the shapes got?

How many corners have the shapes got?

What is the difference between a triangle and a square? 

Can you name something that is a circle shape? 

The Shapes Song (HD)

Listen to the shape song and join in. What shapes did you learn about?

Activity 1

Complete the Jack Frost shape sheet below. What shapes can you see?

rectangle - green

circle - blue

triangle - yellow

square - red

Afterwards count how many squares, circles, triangles and rectangles there are. 

Activity 2

Sing and dance along with the 'Hokey Cokey' shape song. To play the 'Hokey 'Cokey song at home you will need to print and cut out the shapes. Click on the PDF sheet below. 


'Hokey Cokey' song

Still image for this video

Activity 3

Go on a shape walk to find shapes around the house or outside. Are there more circles inside or outside? What other shapes did you find? Can you think of anything that is round like a circle? Why not see who can spot the most shapes. Encourage your child to tell you about their properties e.g. How many sides do the shapes have? How many corners do the shapes have. What can you tell me about 2D shapes? 


Activity 4

Play missing shapes. Spread the shapes out on the floor. Tell your child to close their eyes. Take away one shape and say 'Open your eyes' Can you guess which shape is missing? 


Activity 5

With your cut out shapes why not make a shape picture eg a triangle for a nose, a rectangle for a mouth, square for a face or even circles for ears, anything goes!


Activity 6

Sorting shapes in to groups. You could put them in a 'feely' bag for your child to guess the shape or just have them out like the picture below. If your child already knows the shapes, square, circle, triangle and rectangle try introducing some other shapes like semi circle, star, diamond and oval. 

Watch numberblocks each day and focus on a new number. Can you find that number around your home or outside in the environment (click on the link below). 

Recite numbers 1-10, counting in different ways (eg silly voices, squeaky, loud or quiet). Practice counting various amounts of objects, making sure they use one number per object. 

Hide numbers from 1-10 around the home and ask your child to find a specific number. Could use a timer to add more fun to the game. 

Numberblocks - The Number One | Learn to Count

Numberblocks - The Number Two | Learn to Count

Watch rest of the numberblock songs by clicking on the link below.