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Week 5 - 22.03.21-26.03.21

We're two weeks away from the Easter Holidays. In Nursery this week we will be listening to the Easter story and learning how Christians celebrate Easter. 

We will also be discussing what we do with our own families at Easter time. 

CBeebies | Preparing for Easter | Let's Celebrate


I'm a spring chicken

I'm a spring chicken - spring / Easter song for kids

Easter Activities

Easter Egg Hunt

Hide some Easter eggs (chocolate or plastic) in the garden and send your child on a hunt for them. You could give them instructions for them to follow using positional language - forward, backwards, left/right, underneath and above etc. 

If using plastic eggs write numerals on the bottom half, can they match up the numerals. You could even use sounds for them to match or write lower case letters to upper case letters. 

Can they count how many eggs they have found? Can they sort them by colours/size/patterns? 


Easter Baking

Make chocolate Easter egg nests together, encouraging them to look at the recipe, what ingredients you will need. They will be weighing and measuring, mixing and following instructions as well as observing how the ingredients change when mixed together. 


Grow your own cress heads

To make cress seed egg heads take off the top of an egg and wash out the inside. Place some cotton wool inside dampen before sprinkling on the cress seeds.

Afterwards decorate the front of them with silly faces, or draw a friend or family member. Once the cress has grown they can have fun cutting it to create a hairstyle. And don’t forget to enjoy in an egg and cress sandwich. Yum!


Egg and Spoon Races in the garden

Grab your spoons and hard boiled eggs or plastic ones and have fun with egg and spoon racing in the garden. Lots of balancing and concentration. Why not get the whole family involved and see who comes first (using language first, second, third and so on). 


Other Easter activities below