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Week 5 Activity Task

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                          Week 5 - Spelling Activities


Throughout the year we teach the children how to read and spell the Reception words. Below are a list of words that your child should be able to read and spell to get them ready for Year 1 where they will have quickly spelling tests and be able to use these words independently in their writing activities.

You could practise some of the words in a fun way, we have put some helpful ideas at the bottom of the page to help you engage your child with their spellings.


We suggest only learning 5 at time so your child is confident in reading and spelling the words.

See if the children can spot their new words in their reading books, or leave the words around the house and see if they can find them, read and then spell them out.





                            Reception Words:
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Why not use Lego and building blocks to help your child to learn to read and spell the word?

Have a look on Pinterest for ideas just type - EYFS spelling activities into the search engine

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Use magnetic letters to spell the new words out
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Rhyming Activity- You could draw pictures and let your child label them independently.

(EG- cat, hat, dog, log, hen, pen)

Challenge: See if your child can then match the rhyming pictures together

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