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Week 6 06.12.21-10.12.21


Our Story of the Week is 'Dear Santa' by Rod Campbell. Watch the video below and while watching ask your child to predict what might be hiding underneath the presents. Highlight the language - too small, too big and too scary. Can they predict what the final gift could be. 

Can you write a letter to Santa? Choose some nice paper or card and tell a grown up what you would like Santa to bring you this year. Is there anything else you would like? Maybe you could have a go at writing your name at the end. You could even post your letter off to Santa when you are finished.


Dear Santa by Rod Campbell - With fun questions!

'Dear Santa' by Rod Campbell.


Our number song this week is 'One ,two  Buckle my shoe. By singing number rhymes children will learn how to count. Have fun joining in with the rhyme.  

One Two Buckle My Shoe

This week in maths we are learning to separate a group of three or four of objects in different ways and we are beginning to to recognise that the total is still the same. 

Separating objects means a variety of different ways to split and arrange a set of objects. The total does not change. Watch online, click on the video below.

Separates a group of objects in different ways and understand the total is still the same


1. Gather a collection of four soft toys and two pillows or cushions.

2. Explain that it is time for the toys to go to bed.

3. Encourage the child to arrange the toys on the pillows in different ways and then count the total number of toys. This will encourage them to recognise that the total number stays the same, no matter how the toys are arranged.


How to Get Your Child Thinking:

Try asking questions, such as: How many toys are on this pillow? How many toys altogether? If we move the toys all on to this pillow, how many are there? What can you tell me about the number of toys? Have a go at using three pillows or cushions instead of two. Again, encourage the child to arrange the four toys between the three pillows and count the total. Talk about what they notice.


Children in nursery are beginning to learn some phase 2 sounds and are practicing blending sounds together. Watch the video below and practice saying the sounds. 

Phase 2 Phonics Letter Sounds