Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 6 08.02.21-12.02.21

This week in Maths one of the activities we will be doing is making a jam sandwich and recalling the events using the language: 

first, then, next, afterwards and finally. 


Before making the jam sandwich talk about the language: first, then, next, afterwards, finally and learn the actions when reading the recipe card to your child. Read through the recipe card a few times emphasizing the language and actions. 

The Nursery team are looking forward to seeing your  photos of your jam sandwiches. Enjoy!

Jam sandwich, beginning to recall an event using the language first, then, next, afterwards and finally.

Still image for this video

This week also in Maths we will be learning all about patterns. You can find colour patterns on your child's clothing ''Look, you have stripes on your top!'' ''Red, blue, red, blue''. What colour patterns can you see?  Click on the link below to download the repeating pattern sheet or can you make your own repeating colour pattern?

Can you match the different patterns - flowers, dots, numbers, love heart sheets. Click on the link below.