Reevy Hill Primary School

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Week 7 - 13.12.21-17.12.21


The Christmas holidays are almost upon us and it's fair to say the children (and the staff) are quite excited. This week we will be having lots of Christmas fun, and we are looking forward to preforming our Nativity show for you all. Please take some time to enjoy the activities below with the children at home. We hope you have a Lovely Christmas. 

Love from Miss Hirst and the nursery team.


Early Years Christmas projects

Please choose 3 (or more) activities. Have fun!


Can you count all the baubles on your Christmas tree?

Can you count the baubles on your Christmas tree? Can you count the different colours? Do you have more of one colour than another?


Can you make a sweet snack?

Where could you find a recipe for a sweet Christmas treat? Can you make one? Can you use scales to weigh? Can you stay safe using tools and equipment? How can you look after your teeth after  eating a sweet treat?


Can you clap name syllables?

Can you find out the name of all of Santa’s reindeer? Can you clap the syllables in their names? What do you notice? Can you clap syllables in your name? Your friend’s names? E.g. Ben (1 syllable= 1 clap), Abdul (2 syllables = 2 claps) etc. What sounds do the names begin with?


Can you make paper chains?

Can you cut strips of paper and use glue to stick the ends together to make paper chains? After you have made one, try making another that is shorter than the first? And another that is longer than the first.


Can you write a present list?

Can you make a list of presents you would like to receive or give to others. You can record your ideas by writing, mark making or drawing.


Can you wrap presents?

Can you use paper, scissors and tape to wrap some presents? Can you talk about who they are for? Why do you think they will like their present? Can you order the presents by size? Can you discuss the sizes and shapes of them?


Can you call a friend or relative?

Can you call a friend or relative who is not with you? What device will you need? Can you find the numbers you will need to dial? Can you tell them about your favourite thing about Christmas or winter?


Can you host a movie night?

Can you host a movie night for your friends and family. Set up your living room so it is nice and comfy, make tickets and posters, make some snacks and settle down with your family to watch a festive film.


Can you sing Christmas songs?

Can you learn the words to your favourite Christmas song? Can you make up some actions or dance moves? Can you perform your song to your family? Can you teach the song and dance moves to your family?


Can you make an elf obstacle course?

Can you make an obstacle course in your house or garden. Can you make areas where you have to balance, jump and run? What else can you add? When you have completed it a few times, can you feel your heart beating fast? Are you hot? Why is this? 


Can you cut a snowflake?

Fold a square of paper in half corner to corner, repeat to fold into quarters. Use scissors to cut out patterns. Unfold it to see your amazing snowflake. Can you use scissors effectively? Can you make big and small snowflakes? What patterns can you cut? How many snowflakes can you make?


Can you learn about the Nativity?

Can you listen to  the story of the Nativity, you can find it online. Do you know why Christians celebrate Christmas? Who was born? Why is Christmas a special celebration?


Can you read a story about Winter?

Find your favourite cuddly toy and snuggle down and listen to a story about Winter or Christmas. What happens in the story? Did you enjoy it? How might the story end?


Can you make a wreath? 

Can you draw a circle on some card (an old cereal packet will do!). How can you make sure it is a perfect circle? Can you draw another smaller one inside? Now cut out the ring shape and colour it green. Now add treasures with glue to make a wreath. You could add crafty things or natural things like pine cones.


Can you make a life sized sleigh?

Can you construct a sleigh in your house big enough for you to sit in? What could you make it out of? Can you play a game pretending to be Santa, elves or reindeer?


Can you make salt dough decorations?

Can you make salt dough decorations for your tree. Make the dough, roll it out, cut out a Christmas shape, make a hole in the top for string, bake on a low temperature for 2-3 hours. When its cool paint and decorate it. How can you stay safe around the hot oven? Can you make extras to give as gifts?

Salt dough

1 cup plain flour

½ cup salt

½ cup water


Roll out on a surface dusted with flour. Help make the dough by measuring ingredients together.


Can you make a card?

Can you make a card to send to someone. Can you design and make a picture or painting on the front? Can you write or mark make inside? You might need to find an address and post your card too.


Can you help charity?
Christmas is known as a time to help others. Do you know what a charity is? Can you help a charity this Christmas time? You could give one of your toys to a charity shop, donate food to a foodbank or give some money. How will your donation help someone? Who will it help?