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The Storm Whale in Winter


Monday - To plan my story


Starter - To start todays lesson we need to recap what the story is about. Listen to the story one more time using the YouTube video below. Once you have read, tell a family member what the story is about. Think about what happens in the beginning, middle and end.

Story Maps

Think about the most important parts of the story. Draw a backward S like the one below and then draw some pictures and add key words on your story map. Have a look at my example to help you. 



Once you have finished your story map, go back to the beginning and see if you can orally retell the story in your own words using the pictures and keywords.


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The Storm Whale in Winter by Benji Davies Read Aloud

Tuesday - To write the first half of the story


Today we will be writing the first half of the story.

Please remember to use the writers toolkit below to ensure that you are including all the skills we have been learning last week. Can you think of anymore phrases that could go into each column?


As you are writing, remember to refer back to the pictures to help remind you of what happens:


Please remember you capital letters, full stops and commas! smiley


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Wednesday - To write the second half of the story


Today you will be finishing off your story. Before you start writing, have a quick read of what you did yesterday. How do you think you did? Did you manage to include the key features from our writers toolkit? Lets see if you can write the second half even better than yesterdays! 

Write the second half of the story using the pictures below and your writers toolkit. 


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Thursday- To edit and improve a piece of writing


Task 1 -

Draw this table into your book. Then,​ ​​​​​read your story and check if you have used the things in the checklist below. Give yourself a tick if you have.



Task 2 -  Draw a star and a wish in your book. What did you like about your writing? How could you improve?

Task 3 -


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Friday - Spellings


Our new words for this week are:



Practise your spellings using this fun scribble spelling activity. Draw a scribble and write the spelling words inside it. Look at the example to help you.



Once you've done, can you write a sentence using each word?


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