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Non Fiction Text-

Antarctica Fact File


Monday - Features of a Fact File


We are looking at a new text in English called a fact file. Our fact file is all about Antarctica. Have a look at our new text below:


Read the fact file and then have a go at filling out the key features grid below. Think about why we might need each feature and then find an example of each feature from the text.

Have a look at the example in blue to help you.



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To retrieve and record information from a text


Read the text and answer the questions below. Remember to keep referring back to the text to help you find your answer.


Challenge - Can you think of some questions to give to a family member to answer. Try to make them as challenging as you can!


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To retrieve and record information from the internet


Today we will be carrying out our own research about Antarctica.


Task 1 - Think of some research questions that you would like to find out. Create a spider diagram of your questions like the one below.



Task 2 -

Now use the internet to answer these questions. Create a bullet point of what you find out. Remember to find about 3 or 4 ideas for each question.


For example:

What clothing to people have to wear?

- Thick, waterproof jacket to keep you warm and dry

- Sunglasses or goggles to stop snow getting into eyes

- Warm, waterproof gloves to stop fingers from freezing

- Non-slip, thick waterproof boots to help you walk in snow and ice

Wednesday Lesson

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To use conjunctions in my writing


Task 1 

Read the Antarctica fact file and make a list of all the conjunctions that have been used.


Task 2 

Look at the pictures below. Can you use the information from the fact file to write some sentences using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions? See if you can use a different conjunction each time. Have a look at the first example to help you.



Thursday Lesson

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Friday- Spellings


 Spelling Test

Do a spelling test using last weeks spelling words. Mark your answers.


 Practise your new spellings


Create a spelling pyramid using each of the new words. Once you're done, can you write a sentence using each word?


Friday Lesson

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