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This week you will begin looking at newspapers. Over the next 3 weeks you will learning about the features of newspapers so that you can write your own based on the first successful ascent to the summit of Everest.




Learning Objective: To identify themes in a range of writing and across longer texts

Miss. H teaching

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Task 1 

Have a think about what you already know about newspapers. Create a mindmap to show everything you can think of. A few ideas have been added already to help you.


Now watch the video to find out a little more about newspapers. See if you can add some extra detail to your mindmap.

What's in the Newspaper?

A Day in the Life of a Newspaper Series.

Task 2

Let's have a look at some short sections of different news articles. Pick out the 5 Ws in each one (Who, What, Where, When and Why).

Add them to a table just like the ones shown below. 

Click on each image to enlarge

Task 3

Newspapers aren't the only way we find out about the news, can you think of any other ways?

Create a list of all the ways we find out about the news.


Then explore newsround to see what's been happening around the world today.



Learning objective: To identify key points in an appropriate text

Task 1 

Listen to the story being read by Miss. Heightley and make some notes. Here are some questions to help you write your notes:

Who is the story about?

What happens in the story?

Where is it set?

What are the key events?

Why is this adventure happening?

First to the Top

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Read by Miss. Heightley

Task 2

Using the story, have a go at answering the questions below. Don't forget to write each answer in a full sentence.

Paper copy of the book

Task 3

Watch the video to see Hillary and Norgay after their expedition.

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climb Everest - 1953 archive video



Learning Objective: To write effectively for a range of purposes and audiences, selecting language that shows good awareness of the reader (Headlines)

Miss. H

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Task 1

Click on the link below and use the powerpoint to learn all about headlines.

Task 2

Can you match together the headline and its story?

Now have a go at using the headlines to write your own news stories. These stories don't need to be long, just use your 5Ws.

Task 3

Now you have had a go at matching headlines to stories and writing your own, let's try doing this for the newspaper article we are going to be writing.


Use the section of newspaper below to help you write at least 5 different headlines that you could use for your article. 





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Spelling lesson

Start the lesson by asking an adult to test you or you could test yourself on the spellings that you have been learning (These are the ones you were given last Thursday).

If you can, email your scores to your teacher –


Click on the link below to mark your spellings.

Here are your new spellings...
Choose at least 3 tasks from the spelling menu to help you learn your new words. Don’t forget to have a go at these every day so that you are confident with them by next Thursday.



Miss. H

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Task 1 

Watch Miss. Heightley reading the book 'First to the Top' to help you remember the adventures of Edmund Hillary.

Now have a think about what you might ask Hillary if you had the chance to meet him.

Use the question generator to help you think of a range of questions.

Task 2

Watch each of the videos below to find out what it was like climbing Everest. Make notes as you watch each video.

Crossing Everest's deadly slopes | Earth's Natural Wonders: Living on the Edge - BBC

EVEREST - The mountain that changed my life | Documentary Summit 2019 |

Task 3

Using the videos you've watched and your notes, number each of your questions and see if you can now answer any of them.