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Non Fiction Texts

Antarctica Fact File




To use expanded noun phrases in my writing



Read the fact file again. Write down 5 interesting facts about Antarctica.


Main task

Have a look at the pictures from our fact file below. Can you think of some words to describe each picture. Then have a go at writing a sentence for each picture using an expanded noun phrase. An expanded noun phrase is where you use a an adjective to describe something. Use the poster and word bank below to remind you of what an expanded noun phrase is.





Monday Lesson

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To plan my writing



Can you write down 5 interesting facts about Antarctica? Write them down in your book.


Main Task

Today we will be planning our ideas for own own fact file about Antarctica. In our example text we had 6 paragraphs. For your fact files you will only be writing 4 paragraphs. For the 4th paragraph you can do a topic of your choice relating to Antarctica.

Plan your writing by creating a table in your books like the one below or print out the table in you have a printer. 

Answer the questions in each box. Remember that when we plan, we only write short notes and not full sentences. 



Tuesday Lesson

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To write a non narrative using organisational features


Main Task

Today we will be writing own fact files using everything we have learnt so far. If you have a printer you can print the fact file template below or you ask an adult to help you draw your own. Watch my video below to see how you can do this.


Remember to refer back to your plan from yesterday’s lesson as well as last weeks lessons to help you remember what goes under each heading. Write a short paragraph under each heading and a picture to go with each paragraph. For the last paragraph, write your own subheading and your own paragraph. Finish off by adding an interesting fact into the Did You Know? Box.


Make sure you refer to the toolkit below to ensure you have all the features in your fact file:



Wednesday Lesson

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To edit and improve my writing



Now that we have written out fact files, it’s time to mark them to see what we did well and how we can improve. Read your fact file from the beginning to end. Use this checklist and tick off if you have included the key features:



Can you think of something you did really well in your writing? It might have been your handwriting, your use of expanded noun phrases to add more detail to your sentences or it might have been that you remembered your punctuation. Then think about what you need to work on as your target.





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Your new spellings for this week are below. Choose a spelling practise activity and practise your new spelling words. When you have done, write a sentence using each word just like we do at school.





Grammar - To use prepositional phrases


Prepositions of place tell us WHERE something or someone is.



Look at the picture and fill in the missing words by adding prepositions of place



Friday Lesson

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Well done for making it all the way to the end of the week! laugh

Please send us pictures of your work so we can see how well you are getting on at home

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