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Instruction text (Non-fiction)

Making an immortality potion


This week in Writing, we are learning about instruction texts.



To discuss models of writing instructional texts

To ask questions to improve understanding of a text

Monday's input

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Input: Read through the 'Features of instruction texts' document to learn about information texts.


Task 1: Read the ‘Making an immortality potion’ text and identify the features of an instructional text using the 'Features of instructional texts checklist'.

Task 2: Using the 5W’s (or the question hand), write questions about the text.



To retrieve and record information from an instructional text

Tuesday's input

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Task: Answer the following questions about the 'Making an immortality potion' text.


Remember to use evidence from the text. Underline the key words in each question and find them in the text.


Answer in full sentences.

Question 1 has been done as an example.


1) How many ml of sparkling moon-water is needed for the potion?

    100ml of sparkling moon-water is needed to make the potion.

2) Where must the large, black hat be from?

3) Why do you think the hair from a silver unicorn needs to be removed secretly?

4) What is the first step of making the immortality potion?

5) How should the black hat be sliced?  

6) Why must care be taken in the third step of the method?

7) Which needs to be added first: the midnight-red dragon’s blood or

the toad and the unicorn hair?

8) How might you feel after drinking the potion?

9) What will happen if you drink the immortality potion?

Wednesday – Spelling and handwriting

Homophones or near homophones

Wednesday's input

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Task 1: Spelling test


New spellings:

Task 2: Practise your new spellings using one of the games below.








Task 3: Have a go at writing a sentence using each word.

Task 4: Practise your handwriting - silent b and t



To take notes from a visual stimulus

Thursday's input

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Task 1: Watch the 'How to make a paper boat' video and listen carefully to the instructions.

Task 2: Watch the video again but this time record information down in your book, in note form.


When taking notes, remember you only use key words, symbols and abbreviations to write in short phrases rather than sentences. Using bullets points usually helps.


For example,

Notes from the how to make a paper boat video.

  • need a paper
  • flat surface
  • fold in half lengthwise

Task 3: Change your notes to sentences.

For example,

To make a paper boat you will need a piece of paper and a flat surface.

First, lay the paper on a flat surface. Next, fold it in half lengthwise.



To use noun phrases which are expanded by prepositional phrases

Friday's input

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Input: Click on the 'BBC Bitesize - prepositions' link below to remind yourself about prepositions. Read through the information and watch the videos.

You do not need to complete the activities on the link as your tasks are below. 

Task 1: Complete the 'add a preposition' activity.


Task 2: Complete the 'Missing prepositions' activity and then check your answers.