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Week 6 - Writing


LO: to select vocabulary and grammatical structures that reflect what the writing requires, doing this mostly appropriately

I can:

        -       Use passive verbs to effect how information is presented.

        -       Use the correct verb tense in my writing. 

Monday's English with Miss Collinge

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Sing with Grammarsaurus - The Past and Present Progressive Tenses

Task 1: rewrite these sentences using was or were correctly.

Task 2: using the clues, write the sentences using the past progressive.

Task 3: using the past progressive, write a sentence about each of these pictures


LO: To use a range of punctuation taught at KS2 (parenthesis)

I Can:

- Use brackets or dashes appropriately for parenthesis

Tuesday's English with Miss Collinge

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What is perenthesis?

Sing with Grammarsaurus - Parentheses (Brackets, Dashes and Commas)

Task 1: add some extra information in brackets about the noun to complete these sentences.

Task 2: add some extra information using parenthesis to these sentences.


LO: to show awareness of the writers’ craft by commenting on use of language, grammatical features and structure

I can:

  • Identify features of a newspaper report.
  • Comment on the writers use of language.

Wednesday's English with Miss Collinge

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Read through the WAGOLL.

Choose 4 different colours.

Using what you have learnt in previous lessons, make a list of evidence from the WAGOLL of the following features using a different colour for each one.

  • Brackets
  • Past progressive tense
  • Key facts.
  • past tense

Task 1:

Can you find these features in the WAGOLL?


Use these features as headings and write the example from the WAGOLL next to it. 

For example:


Task 2: create a table of the features of a newspaper report, write a definition of the feature and an example from the WAGOLL


Use this lesson to practise your Spellings!

Choose an activity from the spelling menu below to help you. 


LO: to write effectively for a range of purposes and audiences, selecting language that shows good awareness of the reader (planning)

I can:

- select an appropriate structure for a newspaper report.

- use grammatical features to suit the writing style.


This lesson you are going to start planning your newspaper report.

Collect all the information from the previous lessons:

  • “First to the top” story
  • Questions and answers for the comprehension task (last week – Tuesday’s lesson)
  • Listen back to the videos of Miss Heightley talking through the lessons on the website (week 5)
  • Headlines
  • 5W’s – who, what, where, when, how.
  • Questions that you could ask Edmund and Tenzig. (interview)
  • Parenthesis (brackets)
  • Past progressive tense

Friday's English with Miss Collinge

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Newspaper report writing checklist

Here are some ideas of how to set out your plan!