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Instruction text (Non-fiction)

Making an immortality potion


This week in Writing, we are continuing with instructional texts.


To recognise and spell further homophones


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Monday's input
Task: Complete the 'Homophones activities' (document below) and then check your answers.


To comprehend an example of an instructional text


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Tuesday's input

Task: Read the instructional text ‘How to make a decadent Victoria sponge’ and answer the questions below.

Remember to use evidence from the text. Underline the key words in each question and find them in the text.


Answer in full sentences.

Question 1 has been done as an example.


1) Why have the ingredients and utensils been listed?

Ingredients and utensils have been presented in a list to help the reader easily see the things that are needed.

2) What do you think the word ‘decadent’ means?

3) How many utensils are required to make the Victoria sponge?

4) What do you need to do before preparing the cake?

5) Which ingredient should be kept at room temperature?

6) What are free-range eggs?

7) Why do you think free range eggs need to be used?

8) How many degrees Celsius should the oven be set to?

9) Why has this method been written in chronological order?

Wednesday - Spelling and handwriting

Homophones or near homophones


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Wednesday's input

Task 1: Spelling test


New spellings:

Task 2: Practise your new spellings using one of the games below.








Task 3: Have a go at writing a sentence using each word.

Task 4: Practise your handwriting - ie and ei


To plan and write my own instructional text


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Thursday's input

Using the examples of instructional texts you’ve seen over the last two weeks, you will write your own instructional text.


You can choose what you’ll write instructions for:

  • How to look after a dragon or a unicorn
  • How to wash hands properly to get rid of germs
  • Or something of your choice


Task 1: Plan your instructional text.

Use the 'planning template' to jot down ideas for your instructional text.

Task 2: Write your Big Write (Instructional text)


You will use your plan to write your instructional text.

Make sure to use the checklist (below) to check that you have included the features of instructional texts in your writing.


To independently proof read to check for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar and suggest improvements


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Friday's input

Task 1: Read the instructional text you wrote yesterday. Try to check for errors in your spelling and punctuation and check that your writing makes sense.


Make sure to check that you have included the features of an instructional text in your writing (use the checklist from yesterday). If you haven’t included some features, add them in now.


Task 2: Edit the passage on the sheet, 'The Fox and the Crow'. Then, write out the improved version.