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The Egyptian Cinderella



Our new text for this half term is The Egyptian Cinderella. 

For each lesson, please watch the video and do the activities in the video. Pause the video when your teacher tells you to pause so that you have enough time to do your tasks. 

Please remember to send your teacher your work when you have finished.



LO - To make a prediction based on the front cover and details stated and implied. 



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Task 1 -

Look at the front cover of our new text:

Can you use the question hand to think of some questions about the story using what you see on the cover?

For example –

Who is this girl?

Where are her parents?

What is she wearing?

Why is she looking in that direction?


Task 2 -

Can you write a prediction about what you think will happen in the story using clues from what you can see on the cover? Use the sentence starters below to help you structure your predictions.

I predict that….

I think this because on the cover I can see….


Task 3 - 

Read the blurb to find out what actually happens in the story!

Now that you know a little bit more about what the story is about, have a go at writing a new predictions using this new information you have from the blurb:


I now predict that...

I think this because on the blurb it tells me...


LO - To retrieve and record information from a text.


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Task 1 -

Click on the PDF document above to read the Egyptian Cinderella story


Task 2 -

Answer these questions using information from the story. Remember to refer back to the text to help you find your answers. Use the page numbers to help you.


Pages 1 – 4

  1. Where was Rhodopis born?
  2. How did she end up in Egypt?
  3. Why did the other servant girls tease her?
  4. What did she train her animal friends to do?
  5. Why did the old man buy her special slippers?

Pages 5 – 8

  1. Why did the other girls get jealous when the master bought Rhodopis new slippers?
  2. What did the servant girls make Rhodopis do when she wanted to go to the Pharaohs court?
  3. Who had taken her slippers? How did they take them?
  4. What did the Pharaoh do after the Falcon dropped the slippers in his lap?

Pages 9 – 10

  1. What did Rhodopis do whilst the servant girls were trying on the slippers?
  2. How did Rhodopis become the queen of Egypt?
  3. How is this story similar or different to the traditional Cinderella story?



LO - To ask and answer questions to improve my understanding of a text.


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Can you think of some questions to ask Rhodopis or the Pharaoh? Draw a table like the one below and use the question hand to think of different types of questions.

Challenge - Can you think of how Rhodopis or the Pharaoh might respond to some of your questions? Pick 3 of your best questions and have a go at answering them yourself!

For example:

Rhodopis - How did you feel when you were kidnapped from Greece?

= I felt terrified because I was all alone and I didn't know where I was or who was with me. The pirates didn't even tell me where they were taking me. I will never forget that day!



LO - To make inferences such as inferring characters feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions with justification from the text.


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Draw a gingerbread man like the one below. Inside the gingerbread, write some words and phrases to describe how Rhodopis felt at different stages in the story. On the outside, write some sentences explaining why she feels that way, referring back to what happens in the story.




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Starter - Spelling test using last weeks spelling words.


Practise this weeks new spelling words using one of the following activities:


literature       mature      miniature     mixture     sculpture    temperature



Grammar - Conjucntions


Challenge - Can you write some of your own sentences using different types of conjunctions?