Reevy Hill Primary School

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Lesson 1 - planning your big write with Miss Collinge

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Monday - Plan your balanced argument big write.


Click on the word mats below and the planning sheet pdf. to help you plan your ideas and arguments for and against Graffiti.

Here are some arguments for and against that you may want to include.




Lesson 2 - orally rehearsing your big write with Miss Collinge

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Tuesday - Oral rehearsal


Read your plan out loud, rehearsing your ideas into full sentences that you could use in your big write. 


Oral rehearsal top tips:

  • Use your plan from Monday's lesson! This is really important so you practice each section of your writing. You might even end up adding extra notes to make your plan even better. 
  • Talk through their sentences with a grown up at home. Can they give you feedback on anything else you could include or improve? Is it balanced or one-sided?
  • You could pretend your a news reporter discussing both sides of the argument. 
  • READ IT OUT LOUD - You often notice more when you read your own writing out loud rather than just in your head.


Lesson 3 - Big Write day with Miss Collinge

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Wednesday - BIG WRITE


Use your plan, word banks and work completed last week to write your balanced argument about Graffiti.


Have a read through the WAGOLL to help you.


Don't worry if this takes two lessons - don't rush!




Thursday - Spelling


Spelling rule:  Words with endings which sound like /shuhl/ after a consonant letter.









Complete the activities on the powerpoint below and then practice the spellings using the spelling menu ideas on the final picture.

Lesson 4 - editing your big write with Miss Collinge

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Friday - Editing


Starter - Practice your editing skills by editing the text below...


Now you need to edit your big write. Read the information in the editing pdf. below, then use these skills to edit your own balanced argument.