Reevy Hill Primary School

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LO: to show awareness of the writers’ craft by commenting on use of language, grammatical features and structure of texts.
I can: 
- Make predictions about the meaning of a poem.
- Use language to infer meaning.

Listen and enjoy some great poetry

Watch some well known CBBC stars from your favourite shows perform poems.

Task 1:

Read the poem.

Using PEE, make a prediction from what you have read as to what you think the poem is about.


Task 2:

Look through each verse of the poem and select the key words.

Complete the table, selecting key words from each verse. 


Find the definitions for any words that you are not sure the meaning of to help you understand what the poems is about.

Task 3:

Now you have had time to read the poem and explore the vocabulary, now see if you can summarise what each verse is about using evidence from the text. 



Verse 1

I think this verse is about someone or something that is scared or in a bad or negative situation because the poet has used words like _____________ and ___________ which mean ____________ and suggest that ____________ .

LO: to learn a range of poetry. 
I can: 
 - Read a poem aloud.
 - Add appropriate actions to a poem.

Performance poetry.

Watch Michael Rosen perform We're going on a Bear Hunt and how he puts actions to the words.


Have a go at learning and poem and putting actions to the words. 

You could use "The Cave of Curiosity" poem or a poem that you enjoy or have at home.



LO: to identify and explain how writers use grammatical features for effect. 
I can: 
- Identify features of a poem.
- Explain how features are used and how these are effective. 




Task 1: match the writing feature with the definition.

Task 2: complete the table, with the writing features and any other that you can think of, and a an example. Use the poem to help you.

Task 3:

Read the poem below. 

Can you identify any of the writing features from the previous task in the poem?

Can you comment on how it impacts you as a reader?



Thursday - SPELLING


Here are your spellings for this week.



Use the spelling menu and select an activity to practise your spellings. 


LO: select vocabulary and grammatical structures that reflect what the writing requires, doing this mostly appropriately 
I can: 
- Choose appropriate vocabulary suitable for the text type. 
- Consider vocabulary and its impact on the reader. 

Task 1:

Today we are going to focus on different nouns

Make a list of as many abstract nouns and common nouns that you can think of.

Here are some examples you cold add to your list.

Task 2:

Using the nouns from task 1, start building your own "Cave of Curiosity" poem.


Here is an example to help you.