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The Wolves in the Walls


If you are self-isolating this week, you have four tasks to complete for writing.


Task 1 - predict

Look at the picture from our new book below and answer the following questions:

  1. What can you say about the book?
  2. What do you know? What do you think you know?
  3. What can you predict the text is about? 
  4. What type of book might it be? Fiction? Non-fiction?



When making a prediction and inferring about the story, remember to use the evidence from the picture. I predict that.... because the picture shows...


Task 2 - check the meaning of unfamiliar words and identify how the writer has used precise word choices

Read The Wolves in the Walls WAGOLL (below) and write down any words you do not understand the meaning of. Then find the meaning of these words in a dictionary. Challenge yourself to write a sentence for some of the words.


Look at the WAGOLL carefully and identify key vocabulary the author has used. Answer the following questions:

  1. What do you like? Why?
  2. What effect does it create?


Task 3 - story map and improve writing by changing vocabulary

Create a story map for The Wolves in the Walls. You only need to draw pictures to represent the main parts of the story. You can add some key words to your story map. 


Write the story in your own words.

Then, edit your work by using a dictionary/thesaurus to improve your writing.

Task 4 - expanded noun phrases

Follow the link below to learn about expanded noun phrases.