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Goodnight Mr Tom


Starter Activity

We often show how we feel through how we act. Complete the table below to show how you might act for each of these feelings.

Task 1

Read the first chapter of Goodnight Mr Tom by clicking on the link below. Remind yourself of what happens and think carefully about how Tom feels.

Make a note of all the words and phrases that tell you how Mr Tom feels about meeting William.

Task 2

Complete the role on the wall activity for Mr Tom. On the inside of your character write as many words as you can to describe his feelings. On the outside of your character write the actions of Tom - these actions should show the reader how he feels.


Starter Activity

Watch the two videos about nouns and adjectives. Create a poster to show what these word classes are and how they are used.

Adjectives Song

Best Noun Song Ever!!

Task 1

Choose 4 nouns linked to William (See the example below). Write down as many adjectives as you can that could be used to describe each of your chosen nouns. 

Task 2

Can you spot the expanded noun phrases in the sentence below? When you have found them, have a go at writing your own sentences using expanded noun phrases. Try to write as Mr. Tom - remember to use I.


Formal and informal - what does it mean?

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Choose at least 3 activities from the spelling menu to help you learn your spellings.

Starter Activity

Watch the two videos and create mini-posters to help you remember what prepositions and adverbs are. Use the examples below to help you.

Task 1

Re-write each sentence, using a different colour to show the adverbs and prepositional phrases.

Task 2

Now have a go at writing your own sentences using prepositional phrases and adverbs.