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English Writing

This half term we will be focusing on the book Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman.



Learning Objective: To provide reasoned justifications for my views.
I Can:
- Make predictions about a text using the blurb and images
- Justify my opinions using PEE



Listen to the sounds in the video below. 

Close your eyes while you listen. 

As you are listening, think about what the sound means to you. 

Make a list of words that you think of when you listen to the sound of the heart beat. 


Heartbeat Sound of Human Heart and Pulse

Activity 1:

Here is the front cover of the book. 

Label what you can see on the cover. 

Try add as much detail as you can.

Activity 2:

Use PEE to make a prediction.

What is the book going to be about?

Look closely for as much detail as you can.

Justify your prediction with evidence from 
the book. 

Activity 3:

Now look at the blurb.

Has your prediction changed?

What new information have you learned?

Use evidence from the book to support your prediction.

Learning Objective: To organise information or evidence appropriately
I Can:
- Text mark to make research efficient and fast
- Record information in an appropriate way



Today's lesson is focusing on learning more about heart transplant as this is the main theme in the book. 

This also links to our science topic on the heart and circulatory system. 


Click the link below to watch a short clip and Max who needs a heart transplant. 

Activity 1:


Activity 1:

Focusing on these questions, create an information / research page on the heart and transplants.
Here are some questions to think about:
1. What is an organ transplant?
2. Why might someone need a transplant?
3. Can anybody donate a heart to anyone?
4. What happens after the transplant?
5. Is a heart transplant always successful?


Here is an example as to how you may want to present your information. 


Use the links below to access information about heart transplant


LO: to use scanning to find specific information.
I can: 
    -    Text mark to make research efficient and fast. 
    -    Use skimming to find specific information.

Starter: Read chapter 1-3

Activity 1:

Answer these retrieval questions based on chapter 2


1.  What stings Cam's eyes as he sits under the water?
2. What does the word concern mean?
3. What is Marlon anxious about as he looks about the pool?
4. What game are the other boys playing?
5. Which adjectives does the author use to describe the way Cam views himself on pg 10?

Activity 2:

Answer these vocabulary and inference questions based on chapter 2


Remember to justify your answers with evidence from the text.



Activity 3:

How is Cameron feeling watching his friends
in the pool?

How does your research and Max's story from yesterdays lesson, help us to 
understand more about how Cameron is feeling?


Activity 4:

Summarise the character of Marlon.

Use the gingerbread template. 

Write words to describe Marlon's personality inside the template and facts about him on the outside. 

Thursday - Spelling

Here are you spellings for this week.


Use the spelling menu to choose an activity to practise your spellings. 


Spelling test: Thursday 22nd April 

LO: to express a personal point of view about a text, giving reasons linked to evidence from texts.
I can:
    -    Identify characters thoughts and feelings through vocabulary.
    -    Select appropriate evidence from a text. 


This lesson is focused on the conversation between Mum and Dad in Chapter 3



Use the link below to read chapter 3

Activity 1:

(if you are able to print chapter 3, this could be useful for this lesson, if not don't worry!)


If printed:

Choose two colours, one for mum and one for dad. 

Highlight words and phrases that show how mum and dad are feeling about the transplant.

Here is an example:


If unable to print:

Make a bullet point list or draw a table for mum and dad and list the words and phrases underneath. 


Activity 2:

Use the word bank to write how mum, dad and Cameron are feeling about the transplant from what you have read in chapter 3. 

Also include what you think.



Activity 2:
Complete the table using quotes from the text to justify how you know how 
the characters are feeling.