Reevy Hill Primary School

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The Wolves in the Walls


This week is big write week. You are going to write a narrative similar to the Wolves in the Walls but with your own twist. 


Task 1 - Plan and Oral rehearse

Use the Box up template (see below) to plan your new story. Look at the original and change the people, place, problem, panic and peace. You can keep some of them the same.


Practise saying your story to someone at home.

Try to describe the setting using expanded noun phrases and think about the dialogue between your characters.

Task 2 - Big Write

Use your plan and everything you have learnt in your writing lessons form the last two weeks to write your story. 

Use the WAGOLL to remind yourself what a good narrative looks like. 


Task 3 - Edit

Improve your writing by editing it.

Use the following checklist:

  • Have I spelt words correctly?
  • Have I used conjunctions to expand my sentences?
  • Have I used fronted adverbials?
  • Have I used inverted commas to show speech?
  • Do my sentences make sense?
  • Have I used paragraphs?
  • Have I used expanded noun phrases?