Reevy Hill Primary School

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Monday 26th April

To make simple revisions and additions (editing)

Read the paragraph from Beauty and the Beast. Can you spot the mistakes and change them? Look for missing capital letters, full stops and spelling mistakes. Make them correct.

Tuesday 27th April

To use question marks

Follow the powerpoint, then use the pictures from the story and write a question for each one.

Wednesday 28th April

To use expanded noun phrases to describe my new character

Today you need to choose a new scary character for your own version of Beauty and the Beast. It might be an ogre, troll, wizard, alien or zombie. It might be a brand new character that you create. This character will be like the Beast and scare Dad, be kind to Beauty, turn into a Prince and marry Beauty.


Draw your new character and write a brainstorm of words to describe him.


Then write some sentences to describe your new character.

Thursday 29th April

To plan and discuss the content of my writing

Friday 30th April

To write for different purposes (Big Write - own version of the story)

Use your story plan from yesterday and write your new Beauty and the ???? story. 


Remember to use capital letters, adjectives, conjunctions, full stops, questions and exclamation marks.