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Week 3 - Pig Heart Boy 


This week is big write week. You are going to write a play script of the conversation between mum and dad in chapter 3.

Below are the steps to complete your big write using everything that we have looked at so far. 


Task 1: Plan.

Start by planning your conversation.

How is your conversation going to start?

How does it change in the middle?

How will the conversation end?

You can use the template below to help you. 

Don't forget: you need to list your characters and describe your scene.


Use brackets to show your stage directions / characters actions. 


Task 2: Oral rehearsal. 

Practise saying your script to someone at home. 

Think about: how your characters would say what they are saying depending on how they are feeling. 


Task 3: Write your script. 

Use your plan and your written lessons from last week to write the scene from Chapter 3. 

Use the video below to help you. 



Here are your spellings for this week. 


Use the spelling menu to choose 2 or 3 activities to help you practise.