Reevy Hill Primary School

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Lesson 1

L.O: To identify key features of a Diary Entry

-I can work with a group
-I can identify key features of a Diary Entry

-I can read the WAGOLL



Day 1

Dear Diary,

        WOW! I’ve finally arrived in Australia after several long days of travelling. It was hard when the people took me to pieces so that they could fit me onto the enormous, colossal ship because I was a little bit worried that they wouldn’t put me back together again. Luckily, I didn’t get very sea sick, but the thing that did annoy me was all of the dirty rats on the ship that kept running over my poor, precious body parts! They particularly tickled my great, solid iron feet.

        Once in Australia, the people welcomed me with open arms. They have been very kind so far. They have given me lots of juicy, crunchy scrap metal to eat, which has made me feel much better. I’ve also had a swim in the glorious, deep-blue sea, and they carefully oiled me afterwards to make sure that I didn’t rust. I’m going to get a good night’s sleep before I go and face the monster tomorrow. Obviously, I’m a little bit nervous about it because the great, black dragon is much bigger than me and the humans’ weapons haven’t worked against it so far but I know that my big, strong body will hopefully tackle the situation and everything will be okay.


Iron Man
Day 2

Dear Diary,

        In the morning, I woke up feeling a little bit nervous about my battle with the massive, greedy monster. However, I had some delicious, juicy pieces of scrap metal for breakfast and washed them down with a nice drink of oil which helped me to calm down a lot. I wanted to defeat the monster because the people don’t deserve to be eaten. One small boy, Hogarth, was very kind to me and I wanted to repay him for looking after me. I’ve never had proper friends before, and my new friends are very important to me.

        I tracked down the monster quite easily. It truly was horrendously enormous and it smelled absolutely disgusting – like rotten eggs mixed with sour milk! When it saw me, it was surprised and it arrogantly turned its face to one side! It seems to me as this horrendous, greedy beast is not afraid because, like I said, it has already defeated all of the humans’ machines and it must think that I am another one. Unfortunately for him, I am going to prove him wrong.

        So let me tell you what happened…I stood in front of the monster and looked into his dark, scary eyes. My eyes were bright red, and I stared into his eyes for a long time until he started to feel a bit more scared. Then, I opened my mouth and let out an ear-splitting roar. The monster was so frightened it couldn’t move! After that, I asked the greedy, colossal giant to take part in a competition of strength! He thought I was joking and he sniggered sneakily. After a while, he nodded his head slowly and agreed to take part in the competition. Whoever was to lose the competition would be the slave of the other! He sure enjoyed hearing that.

Iron Man

Lesson 2

L.O: To plan a diary entry 

-I understand what the key features of a diary entry are
-I can use role play to distinguish how the Iron Man is feeling/thinking

-I understand what the Iron Man will be feeling/saying


Lesson 3

L.O: To write a diary entry 

-I can use the key features of a diary entry
-I can use the adverbs and prepositions in my writing

-I can write in the first person



- You need to write a diary entry (Iron Man), think about his feelings, emotions when he goes out to save the world. You need to use the key features of a diary entry when writing.