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English - non fiction 

This week starts our non fiction writing topic. 

We are going to be looking at recount writing. 


Lesson 1:

Learning Objective: To identify and discuss the conventions of different text types.
I Can:
    -    Compare examples of a recount.
    -    Comment on the purpose and audience of a recount.  


Tell someone at home about what you did at the weekend. Think about what you would tell them. How would you start telling the information? What language would you use?


Activity 1:

Make a list or create a mind map about all the different ways we tel someone about something that has happened.

Think how you would personally tell someone, then think about how we nationally or globally tell people about events or incidents that have happened. 


Activity 2:

Look at the two example texts below. 

Can you identify 3 features in each text that helps us to know what text type they are? 

Activity 3:
What are the similarities and the differences between these two texts?

Draw a table and list as many as you can.

Activity 4:

Using the information from your table, now have a go at answering these questions about each text.

WHY has the text been written?

WHO has the text been written for?


Use PEE to explain your answer. 

Lesson 2:

Learning Objective: To organise information or evidence appropriately
I Can:
- Text mark to make research efficient and fast
- Record information in an appropriate way

Lesson 3:
Learning objective: to use a range of devices to build cohesion (adverbials)
I can:
    -    identify adverbials in a sentence.
    -    choose appropriate adverbs for my writing.


Watch the video below (sing along if you like!)

Create a poster to remind you and explain to others what an adverbial / adverb is. You could use examples from the video on your poster.


Sing with Grammarsaurus - Adverbs and Adverbials

Activity 1:
Copy these sentences into your book and underline the adverbial

1. Throughout the morning / afternoon, we attended a first aid session.
2. Straight away, we had to write our names into our Mini Medics booklet.
3. Around the room, was equipment ready for the session.
4. Occasionally, we were asked to volunteer to assist with the demonstrations.
5. Eventually, we were able to attempt CPR on the dummies.  


Activity 2:
Copy these sentences into your book and add your own missing adverbial

1. ___________, we all listened to the instructions at the start of the session.
2.  ___________, someone was asked to volunteer to go and get the defibrillator. 
3. ___________, it was explained what was is in a first aid kit and what it looks like. 
4. ___________, it was demonstrated how to perform CPR.
5. ___________, we were shown how to put someone in the recovery position. 


Use the word mats to help you when choosing your adverbials.

Lesson 4: Spelling

Here are your spellings for this week.

Choose some of the activities from the spelling menu below to help you practise.