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Week 3 - Main Activity


Time Capsule Project


This week, we would like you to create your very own time capsule about this significant point in history. This can be created for your future self to look back on. If you keep your capsule stored away somewhere safe, you can open it in years to come!



You can print off the link with the help of your parent/carer (PDF version), or use the link to copy and draw your own pages in your writing book. When school opens once again, you could even include your home learning writing and maths book in the time capsule storage box.


You could create and decorate your own capsule storage box like these examples below:

Week 3 - 10 minute Writing Challenge:


Skeleton Keys: The Haunting of Luna Moon by Guy Bass




Get your pen and writing book at the ready! Watch the video introduction below to learn about your week 3 challenge.

Remember to:

  1. Create a key that leads to a different WORLD!
  2. Imagine you have opened the door to this new world
  3. Describe what the world looks, smells and feels like!


Happy Writing! laugh

Week 3 - Picture of the Week - Free Writing


Secret Magic



Story Starter:


Bella had always been different from the other children at school. They looked at her strangely, and she would often hear them whispering about her when they thought she wasn’t there. Sometimes they whispered about her even when they knew she was listening.

Every evening when Bella returned home, her real life began. The everyday worries of school and other children were banished from her mind. Bella had another life. A life that was secret. A life that was magical.

As she clambered over the rooftops, with her trusted and faithful companion, she could feel the magic coursing through her body. It warmed her, like the glowing embers of a comforting fire.

All of a sudden she felt alive. Tonight was going to be a night to remember…


Can you continue the story?


Don't forget to share all of your fantastic writing using the year group email address: