Reevy Hill Primary School

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Lesson 1



The Coming of the Iron Man


The Iron Man stood on the brink of the cliff
Tall as a house, all rigid and stiff.

His great iron head turned left then right
As he stood on the cliff in the dark of night.
His headlamp eyes searched far and wide.
His iron ears listened to the swell of the tide.

Where he had come from, no-one knows
But there on the cliff where the seagulls rose,
The Iron Man stood with the wind in his face.
Then he lifted a foot and stepped out into space.

CRASH...CRASH...thrown about
Till his legs fell off and his eyes fell out.

BOOM….BANG…his body parts tumbled

Till they hit the floor, rumble, rumble


THUMP….THUMP…he hit the ground

Then silence, silence, all around.

Then an arm and a leg in a seagull's nest
Moved together to find the rest.


Metal arms easily reattaching,

Long legs quickly reconnecting,

Huge head gently realigning,

Colossal body completely rebuilding.

Gleaming eyes cautiously rewiring,

Rusty ears silently reactivating,

Crablike hands slowly reassembling,

Iron brain entirely resetting.


Metal mouth loudly munching,

Steel sheets sharply scratching,

Headlamp eyes gracefully searching,

A rusty ear still missing.
Was it the sea that had stolen his ear?


The swell of the tide danced on the shore,

Swaying forwards and backwards, the ear was no more
The wind sang as it brushed across the land,

As the Iron Man stood on the golden sand.

by Brenda Williams


Task - Go through the IWB/PowerPoint and highlight the features that you can find in this poem.

Lesson 2


I would like you to plan your own poem - think about the features that you highlighted. 



Lesson 3


For this lesson, I would like you to write your own poem about the Iron Man.