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Keep a diary and cherish the memories you make!




This week I would like you to create your own diary. I would love to know about all the exciting things you are all getting up to now that school is closed. Everyday, I would like you to write something in your diary about your day. This is a great way of capturing all the special memories you make! 


When writing in your diary, think about:


How did you spend your free time? Did you play with your siblings?  Bake a cake? Build a den in the garden?

What did you have to eat? Was there a meal that you particularly enjoyed that day?

How did you spend your daily exercise? Did you go for a walk? Ride your bike? 

Did you help your parents with any jobs around the house?

What were your thoughts and feelings throughout the day?

Information about a book that you've been reading


Use these helpful hints and the PowerPoint attached to help you with your writing. 


Use these helpful hints