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LO: Learning Objective: To provide reasoned justifications for my views.
I can:
- Make predictions about a text using the blurb and images
- Justify my opinions using PEE


What is happening in these pictures?

Make a list of what you can see.


Now choose another colour. 

How do you think the people in the images feel?


Here is the front cover of the book. 

Label the cover with what you can see.


Activity 1:

Use PEE to make a prediction about what the book is about. 

Use what you have labelled to justify your prediction with evidence from the front cover.

Activity 2:

Now read the blurb.

What more do you learn about the story. 

Make a list of everything that you learn from the blurb.

Activity 3:

Now write a short paragraph to explain how the blurb has changed your prediction. What more do you now know that helps you understand the story more. 

Learning Objective: To organise information or evidence appropriately
I Can:
- Text mark to make research efficient and fast
- Record information in an appropriate way


This half term we are going to be studying the book Boy 87


The book is based on a boy called Shif who is forced to leave his country and becomes a refugee. 


Use this lesson to create a information sheet about What is a refugee?


Think about these questions:
* What is a Refugee?
* Why do people become refugees? 
* What are refugee camps and why are they created?
* How many child refugees are there in the world?


Use the information below to help you. 

What is a refugee?

Thursday - spelling 


Here are your spellings for this week. 

Spelling test: Thursday 17th June 


Friday - to be updated...