Reevy Hill Primary School

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Monday 28th June 2021          

LO: To check a text makes sense to me as I read.  

Read the letter from Beegu and use the key to highlight all the punctuation Beegu has used. 

Now make a mind map of all the things Beegu is missing out on not living on earth e.g going to the cinema, going shopping, watching T.V

Wednesday 29th June 2021          

LO: To spell the days of the week

Think of some of the best places Beegu could visit on earth e.g. the zoo, the seaside. Draw a picture of the places in the boxes below and then write some key words to describe them e.g. fun, exciting, amazing.


Now write some sentences using the days of the week and the places e.g On Monday you should visit Scotland because it is very pretty. 

On Tuesday you should go to the seaside because it is fun and you can make sand castles. 

Don't forget to use a capital letter for the days of the week!

Thursday 1st July 2021          

LO:To check that a text makes sense to me 

Read the letter below and see if you can spot the mistakes she has made. Re write the letter making sure you correct her mistakes. For example add in the full stops, check the spellings are correct, make sure the days of the week start with capital letters. 

Friday 2nd July 2021          

LO: To sequence events in chronological order. 


Today we are going to be writing our own letter to Beegu to tell her all about what she should do when she comes to earth. 


For example


Dear Beegu 


On Monday you should visit the zoo because it is really fun and you can see lots of animals.

On Tuesday you should go to the seaside and build some sand castles. 


(write all the days of the week) 


From .....


(Don't forget to read over your work and check it makes sense and that you have used all the correct punctuation.)