Reevy Hill Primary School

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Monday 5th July

LO:  To use knowledge of alternative phonemes to narrow down possibilities for accurate spelling.


Re read the story of Beegu and then make a mind map of everything you remember about the story. Then write a few sentences with your ideas. 

Wednesday 7th July

LO: To orally rehearse sequenced sentences.  

Use the pictures below to create an s plan of the story. Make a backwards s on your piece of paper and stick the pictures around in the correct order. You can draw them if you don't have a printer. 

Now write key words around each picture. Use the plan to help you re tell the story to an adult at home. 

Thursday 8th July              

LO: To use and to join sentences. 


Today we are going to be writing about what happens in the first part of the story using the conjunction 'and'.

E,g The spaceship had crashed and Beegu was lost. 

Now write some more sentences about the story, using 'and' to join your sentences.  


Friday 9th July 2021    

LO: To sequence sentences to form short narratives.

Today we are going to write the story of Beegu. Look at your s plan from Tuesday to remind yourself what happens in the story. 

Make sure you are using the correct punctuation in your sentences. Re read over your work to check it makes sense.


E.g Beegu was not suppose to be here. She was feeling lost and she was feeling lonely. 


Now continue the rest of the story.